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Our Customer Service Team are here to answer any question you may have. Click here to contact us now.

When is a product or size coming back in stock?

It depends which item you are enquiring about. Our stock figures reflect accurately how much stock we have on hand. If the *Limited Stock sign is displayed on an item, it may not be coming back into stock. Items like sheets, pillows and quilt covers that we manufature here in Camberwell will be in stock almost all the time, the most you will wait for these items is 2 weeks. Products like flannel that we have made in Europe once a year run out of stock until the order for the following year. You can also place a backorder, and we try our best to accurately tell you when the products will be set out.

What is your return policy?

We are happy to have any products returned as long as they have not been used or damaged. If postage is required, please contact us first so we can assess over the phone who will cover the postage charge. In most cases we will, however if it’s just a change of mind you will need to pay the return postage charge. We have a 30 day return policy, however pillows and quilts cannot be returned as this is in line with health regulations. For a faster return proceedure, please download our return form here and either email or send it back with your order.

How do i reset my password?

When you login, if you forget your password, just click the 'forgotten password' link after you have entered your email address. If you have registered an account with you will automatically be sent an email to that registered email address. It happens really quickly, so if you can't see it make sure to check your junk mail just incase it has been caught in a spam filter.

Once you receive the email, click the 'reset my password' button. This will allow you to reset your password in your account safely and securely.

For additional help, please email us at or watch the video for a step by step guide.
If you are still having trouble, please contact us on (03) 9811 7800

Why am I not receiving free postage?

Do you have a valid discount code? Are you a subscriber of our eNewsletter or Facebook page? Our discount offers change frequently and your promotional code maybe out of date.

The best means of receiving ongoing promotions and discounts on our products is to sign up for our online eNewsletter at the bottom of every page on our website.  “Sign up for an eNewsletter” by simply entering your email address and we will send you our regular online eNewsletters which will quite often offer 10% off full priced items, and/or free postage on orders over $100.00, within Australia.

When the eNewsletter arrives offering you a discount and/or free shipping, simply enter the discount code at the bottom of each newsletter into the basket or checkout page and it will automatically calculate your discount & free postage at the online checkout.

Where are your stockists?

We do not have any other stockists, we only sell Abode Living products through our own sales channels. We do this for a number of reasons, but mainly because we want to offer the best quality products at the most affordable price by selling directly to our customers (you). If we sold our products through larger department stores or boutique retail outlets, our prices would immediately double.

Unfortunately we do not have a store in any other state of Australia, just our main flagship retail showroom in Camberwell, Victoria. However we do ship Australia wide and even internationally. Most of our trade is via our trusted online store and showroom.

Custom made service

Because we have a manufacturing facility right behind our showroom in Camberwell we have the ability to custom make any products to specific requirements. We often make bed linen and sheets to fit European bed sizes or American bed sizes, due to the fact that European beds are different sizes. We are able to make any size in any fabric available in our stock bed linen range. We also work closely with interior designers to make bespoke products that are not available anywhere else.

Products are quoted on a job to job basis and we may not be able to give an accurate estimate if the job is very unusual, however we charge a very reasonable hourly rate of $75. The lead time is estimated from 1 - 10 days depending on the complexity of the task, and also how busy our production team are. 

If you would like more information on obtaining a quote for a custom make product please contact the showroom on +61 3 9811 7800 to discuss your needs or requirements.

Trade and commercial pricing

Yes we offer special pricing for trade and commercial customers like interior designers, architects, hotels, B&B's, beauty spas etc. If you are interested in making a trade enquiry please contact our trade account manager.

Rebecca Finkel
+61 3 9811 7814

How do I clean my down pillow?

Once a month we recommend that you remove your down pillow from the pillowcase and place it outside in the fresh air. Gently move the filling around and ruffle the down or feather clusters from any lumpy spots. For best results we recommend air your pillow out for 12-24 hours on the clothes line.

Dry Cleaning
We advise having all of our goose down pillows professionally dry cleaned, to preserve the down, and ensure that it is washed suitably. Cleaning your pillow will remove the impurities that are trapped in the filling, and you will find that after it is cleaned, much of your pillow’s original spring and loft will return.
Be sure to check that the dry cleaner launders and cleans your pillow only. We are cautious of companies who claim to “rejuvenate” your pillow, as we have seen cases where the not only replace the cover of your pillow with a smaller, inferior quality shell, but worse yet, top up your pillow with inferior duck down and/or feather. 

There are many professional dry cleaners that specialise in pillow and doona/quilt cleans, best to check with them as to their expertise before you book your pillow in for a clean.

Abode Living Cleaning Service
Please note that we offer a pillow dry cleaning and adjustment service through our Camberwell, Victoria flagship store. Our pillow dry cleaning costs $30 per pillow and takes between 1-3 working days. You are required to meet any postage costs incurred, in the case that you must mail the pillow to us and have it return posted.

Pillow and quilt adjustment service

As a product guarantee to our customers, we offer a pillow adjustment service. We can add or remove filling from your pillow to either increase or decrease the density, depending on your sleeping requirements.
In the first six months of the life of your Abode Living pillow we will adjust your pillow for no charge. After this period we charge a $20 adjustment fee. In the case that you require additional filling, we charge per gram of filling added. The chargeable amount to increase a pillow to a higher density level, is dependent on the quality of the filling of the pillow, and the amount required. Alternatively, if your pillow is too firm, we will remove some of the filling and give the excess filling back to you in a separate insert.

We offer the pillow adjustment service for the lifespan of your pillow. However, for Health & Safety, we must insist that all pillows are dry cleaned, after 6 months or more of usage, before they are serviced.

To book your pillow in for our pillow adjustment service, simply return it to our retail store at 331 Camberwell Road, CAMBERWELL, VIC, during trading hours.  If you are an interstate customer, you may arrange to send your pillow to us, and then we will conduct the pillow adjustment service and post your pillow back to you. *

We can also arrange to have you pillow dry cleaned for you, prior to the alteration service, at a cost of $30.00 per pillow.

*Interstate customers must agree to cover any postage costs incurred, in returning a product/s.

Where are the pillowcases and protectors for pillows?

We sell pillow protectors for standard, europe and kings size pillows which can be found in the Bedroom>Accessories page.

Additionally we also sell pillowcases for our entire range of pillows. Standard, europe and kings size pillowcases are available in almost every bed linen range which can be found in the on this page, however if you are searching for specialty a pillowcase for neckrolls, boudoir pillows, travel pillows or body pillows they can be found in the Bedroom>Accessories page. 

Specialty pillowcases can be custom made in any fabric/colour/size from our stock fabric range, however this will incur a custom make fee of $75 per hour. If you would like more information on obtaining a quote for a custom make product please contact the showroom on +61 3 9811 7800 to discuss your needs or requirements.


Do we sell sheets in sets? How many pillowcases will I receive?

Because not everyone's beds are the same, we sell all of our products separately, including pillowcases, to allow customers flexibility to put their own sets together, as we offer both standard (50x75cm) and king (50x90cm) pillowcases, and also Extra deep fitted sheets that are 50cm, rather than our regular depth of 40cm.

When purchasing a quilt cover or sheets, please remember that the pillowcases will not be included and need to be purchased separately


Do you sell gift voucher at

 Yes, we certainly do! Gift vouchers can be purchased either online on the gift voucher page or at our Camberwell showroom. We sell gift vouchers in many different amounts from $25 - $1000.

Abode Living gift vouchers can be redeemed in-store or online. 


Product Shrinkage - my sheets are too big

We only use the highest quality fabrics made from natural fibres, sourced mostly from Europe. All our fabrics are carefully tested and manufactured to allow for shrinkage in the first wash and tumble dry. Shrinkage, in some cases can be as much as 15% (mainly pure linen) and the product may initially seem to be the wrong size. However a 60 degree medium wash and a warm tumble dry (where applicable) will shrink the product to the correct size and fit. Although the majority of shrinkage happens in the first wash, it can take up to three washes for products to fully shrink.