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How To Choose A Pillow

It can be quite overwhelming when shopping for a pillow, we would like to help you in choosing the best pillow for you.

There are two basic pillow choices: natural or synthetic fill.
Synthetic fill is most commonly polyester. Synthetic varies in its level of quality, the most supportive and conforming being a polyester microloft pillow, which is most like down. Synthetic filled pillows offer an added benefit of being less susceptible to dust and mites, which may help with allergy sufferers.

Natural consists of feather, down, or a combination of both. Neither one is better than the other, both offer different characteristics and you should select a pillow that suits your body and sleeping style. Feather offers a firmer and lower pillow, where as down offers softness and a higher loft in the pillow. Feather will naturally retain is height longer but will not be as soft. A pure down pillow is much softer, however may lose it's natural loft over time and may need to be refilled or plumped on a regular basis. An advantage of the natural pillow is the dust and mite proof shell that is used to encase the down and feather, this will help keep out the impurities.

Choosing the Correct Firmness 
Choosing the right pillow is critical for a good night's sleep. At Abode we specialise in offering three different levels of firmness in our pillow ranges. You can choose from Gentle, Medium or Firm to suit your individual needs. To determine the firmness of the pillow you require, consider the following factors - individual body frame, preferred sleeping position and personal preference. Gentle tends to suit small-framed people or front sleepers, Medium can suit larger frames or back sleepers, while Firm can suit large body frames or side sleepers. We want your pillow to be just right for you so we offer free adjustments during the first six months of purchase. If you decide you would like a little filling added or a little removed we will adjust your pillow, we only charge for the filling added and return shipping.

Confidence in Textiles
All of the fabric used on the down and feather pillows shells are guaranteed to meet strict European environmental standards for ecologically safe textiles and to be free from formaldehyde, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. It is important to know that our environment will not be exposed to any toxic textile chemicals in the production process and that you will not be exposed to these chemicals when you sleep.

Why Buy Abode Pillows? 
We manufacture all our pillows in our facility in Melbourne, therefore we are able to inspect all raw materials before they are approved for use, giving us an extra level of quality control. Abode is dedicated to giving you a perfect nights sleep and will adjust pillows to your individual needs if required. We also cut out the middleman mark up, so you save and get direct prices.

Need Help or Advice? 
We want you to be happy with the pillow you choose, please contact our sales staff for further details and advice.
Showroom +61 3 9811 7800

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