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Pillow Sizes

Abode make pillows and pillowcases to fit each other perfectly. All of the pillowcases made by Abode include the correct allowance for shrinkage. They may appear over sized at first but they will shrink to fit the pillow comfortably with washing. Also note sometimes shrinkage can be up to 10% in one direction so the product can appear to be excessively large. Rest assured we test all fabric before manufacture so we can correctly allow for shrinkage.

We make Standard pillows to fit across a double and a queen size bed. The King Size pillows fit perfectly across the wider King Size mattress.

Pillows can vary in size, so please ensure you measure you pillow or pillowcase to know your specific size. Standard pillow sizes in Australia can be found on our pillow size guide.

PillowSizes 276x350