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A sateen weave is one vertical thread woven for every four horizontal threads. This type of weave produces a fabric with a lustrous look and satin feel. Generally made from a very fine yarn and has a higher thread count. Woven with more left threads on the surface, the construction of the weave is generally four yarns over, one yarn under. This soft quality is attributed to both the type of material that is commonly used with sateen products and the type of weave that is used.

Many people associate a soft, silky sheen with sateen bedroom linens. Due to the nature of the fabric, yarns are more exposed and pilling may occur if rubbed (restless sleepers) excessively. All Abode Living's sateen sheets are the finest quality available and are woven int he best Italian fabric mills. Sateen isn't a better or lesser quality, it comes down to personal choice and what you prefer sleeping against.

A sateen weave is commonly used to produce a self stripe fabric. The stripes can vary in size, Abode Living offers a 5mm self stripe, Coco or an 8cm, Allure. The stripe appearance is acheived by the 4 over, being reversed to 4 under, thereby giving a surface contrast on the fabric. 

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Sateen 276x350