Abode Living

White Goose Pillow

Abode Living is Australia's leading manufacturer of high quality white goose pillows. Importing the finest materials from around the world, Abode is dedicated to producing the best quality products including white goose down and feather products.

Abode sources in specific down products from European regions, mainly Hungary, for all their white goose down pillows, quilts, doonas and duvets. This results in a better quality of filling that may extend the life of the down pillows. As well as seperior down, Abode uses a German engineered light weight down-proof shell. The shells are the finest quality in the world are are available in different fabrics, from Egyptian cotton to cashmere to silk.

Abode offeres 3 different comfort levels in each pillow range, gentle, medium and firm. This unique and extensive range allows a customer to buy a pillow that is specifically suited to their body type, sleeping position and density preference.

Additionally, Abode offers a fast pillow adjustment service for customers who need minor adjustments after purchase.

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