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High Quality, Affordable Prices

We use the same fabric as luxury brands,
which is 4x the price by the time it reaches the customer.
We do things differently.

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European Fabric

With over 25 years of fabric sourcing we have found the best mills around the world - the same ones that produce fabric for we known luxury brands.

We visit our suppliers often, developing relationships that have lasted over many years. Our strong partnership with these companies has enabled us to innovate new fabrics exclusively for abode.

This ongoing approach has allowed us to aquire and and use some of the finest fabrics in the world.

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Made In Our Workshop

We constantly challenge the status quo. As a family owned and run company, our brand culture is to focus on every detail thorughout the design, manufacturing and sales process.

The raw fabric is shipped direct to our Melbourne workshop, in the same building as our showroom and design studio.

With such a close relationship to the design and manufacturing process it means that we can offer the highest quality in workmanship.

As an added benefit we also have the ability to custom make products that require special sizing or adjust quilts and pillows on site while you wait.

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Direct To You

We believe in making beautiful products at affordable prices for people that value quality sleep.

In traditional retail luxury bed linen is marked up 4x by the time it reaches the customer. By selling only through our own physical and online store, we eliminate the extra retail markup and pass these savings on to you.

We also have the friendliest staff, who know the products inside out.

Understanding How We Work

Same Fabric. Same Product. Different Price.

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