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We make lots of products that suit many different needs

Please check sizing carefully before placing an order. If you can't find the size you are looking for please contact us.


Mattress Depth

Modern mattresses are increasing in depth. We offer special extra deep fitted sheets and super king size to fit these deeper mattresses. The best way to measure the depth of your mattress is to measure a naked mattress, include the padded topper and measure down to the base of the mattress (not the base of the base). We sell fitted sheets in 40cm (standard) or 50cm (extra deep). If you require a different size, please contact us for a quote to make a special size to suit your needs.

Australian Mattress Sizes

Abode products are made to fit these sizes

Cot Bed
140 x 170cm  55 x 67"
Single Bed / Twin
91 x 191cm  36 x 75"
King Single Bed
107 x 203cm  42 x 80"
Double Bed
137 x 191cm  54 x 75"
Queen Size
152 x 203cm  60 x 80"
King Size
183 x 203cm  72 x 80"
International Mattress Sizes

If you have one of these sizes or any other odd size (round, triangle etc), we can offer a custom make service for you.

US Twin Bed / Twin
90 x 190cm 39 x 75"
S Double Bed
135 x 190cm  54 x 75"
US Olympic Queen
167 x 203cm  60 x 84"
US Californian Queen
152 x 213cm  60 x 84"
US Californian King
183 x 213cm  72 x 84"
US Twin XL
99 x 203cm  39 x 80"