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Buying Guide

How to pick your dream pillow

We want your pillow to be The One. The kind you’re desperate to pack into your suitcase whenever you leave your house.

It’s why we craft each of our pillows to the highest standards. But we also know there’s only one way to decide if it’ll be your perfect resting place; to make a choice then sleep on it.

Rest easy in the knowledge that we offer complimentary adjustments for three months from the date you buy your pillow. We’ll adjust by hand in Melbourne and you’ll only pay for any filling (if it’s added) and return shipping if you can’t pick it up.

That’s just one way we make the feeling of your head hitting the pillow even more exquisite.


Feather vs. down

Though both come from ducks and geese, they feel quite different. Down is lighter for a fluffy feel. Your head will luxuriously sink into the pillow night after night. Feather is still soft but has a more resilient feel due to its flatter shape. Each feather has a quill which gives a denser, slightly sturdier finish.

We make the ratio very clear in our feather and down blend pillows; it’s always important to check as down is a more expensive, valuable material.


A filling that’s just right

We’ve got three options for our pillows: Soft, Medium or Firm. To choose which is perfect for you, have a think about your body frame and how you sleep.

Soft - often suits smaller people or those who sleep on their front

Medium - often suits bigger people or those who sleep on their back

Firm - often suits large people or those who sleep on their side.

That said, from our experience there aren’t any hard and fast rules. it really comes down to personal preference.


Easy on the environment (and your conscience)

We’re very lucky to harness the incomparable power of nature in our products. Protecting animals and the environment to European standards forms an essential part of our values and ethos. We build trusting, long-standing relationships with our suppliers for this very purpose.

The ethically sourced down we use meets both Responsible Down Standards and Downpass auditing to safeguard animal welfare to European standards. This means the birds live healthy lives and never suffer to fear or pain. All down is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised then rigorously tested under strict government supervision. As a by-product from the meat industry, down also has a lower carbon footprint than synthetic materials.


Completely chemical free

Our down also meets strict European environmental standards. This is really important to us, not only because they’re ecologically safe. It also protects our customers so they’re not exposed to chemicals while they sleep. Our eco-safe textiles are free from formaldehyde, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.


Designed to last

Once you’ve found your perfect pillow, rest easy knowing it’ll stay that way. Our design-driven triple chamber structure keeps down and feathers snug in their place. This helps keep the exact shape you love for longer-lasting support.


Pillow protection for lasting perfection

We always recommend protecting your pillow to elongate its life. It’s an affordable way to prevent impurities from reaching the down and compromising its fluffiness. Like anything you use often, we also recommend airing out your pillow monthly and dry cleaning it every so often too. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenating a careful dry clean can be. We’ll be happy to arrange this for you or recommend trusted partners who we know do an exceptional job. Please just get in touch to organise.