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Cotton Bed Linen


Our fabrics are woven using the finest quality fibres and yarns available. We recommend a cold or warm machine wash with like colours being careful not to over-fill your washing machine, so the product has enough room to move freely during the wash. Do not chlorine bleach as this damages natural fibres. Rinse the products well to remove any excess detergent. Dry cleaning is advised for products such as cotton blankets and matelassé coverlets.


When adding detergent we recommend being conservative on the amount used per wash. We find half the recommended amount gereally achieves in the same result as the suggested amount from the detergent company. When using liquid detergent, if possible add it after the fill water has been completed, as detergent may soak into fabric directly and not disperse as well if poured directly onto the dry material.

Keep your whites white by using a detergent with brightening agents, such as a product like Napisan. For coloured cottons use a gentle detergent that does not contain whiteners and/or optical brighteners as this will fade and compromise the colour. 


Always check care instructions on the product label before laundering. All of our cotton bed linen can be tumble dried on low heat, however line dry is preferred to maintain the integrity of the fibres. If you prefer the feeling of tumble dried sheets, it is best to line dry them to 90% then finish them off in the drier. Bed linen will feel softer when tumble dried. If the sheets are removed from the tumble dryer and laid flat or folded while still warm they may not require ironing. It is important to use a low to medium heat being careful not to over dry the fibres, over time this will cause the yarns to become brittle.  

Ironing and storage

For best ironing results, pure egyptian cotton should be ironed slightly damp (to enhance the effect of the heat) on a cotton (hot) setting. Fold immediately removing any creasing and store in a dry place. Do not store bed linen near unsealed wood, as this may cause the fabrics to yellow.

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